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Unity I am trying to wrap my head around this umbrella of “unity” the GAC is now operating under.  I have been on the Atlanta set for over 8+ years, once in a globally recognized MC that had its chapter disbanded and once in a club that didn’t function under the thumb of the GAC.  Now, it is my understanding that the GAC is the governing body of MC’s and SC’s for Georgia and this group of club Presidents has the sole power to yea or nea any new MC or SC that wants to form a new club in Georgia. It is my understanding from the forums I have read on this site that if a club is formed and operates without the sanction of the GAC, they are placed on a blackballed list of clubs that are expected not to be supported on the MC/SC set and if any MC/SC does support this club they will be placed on the blackballed list as well. Unity? Ok, now, I have also read from the forums that the GAC is currently having a bit of an issue keeping up with already sanctioned clubs that have either dropped under the required 5 members, have more walkers than riders, or whatever other reason why they would fall out of grace with the GAC. It has also come to my attention, at the present time the GAC is not allowing new MC’s or SC’s to come before the GAC to be sanctioned in Georgia because, let me make sure I get this right, “There are too many clubs in Georgia.” My question is what is too many?  As I stated before, I have been on the Atlanta set for over 8+ years and I can count the number of actually clubs that ride that I have personally seen on two hands.  Forgive me for being inquisitive but it seems to me that when you have an issue inside of a circle you clean the issue inside the circle but you do not stop letting good come in the circle.  If you have a quality control issue, you weed out the bad apples while still looking for good apples to uphold the standards of your product.  If an apple factory just shut down because they had a factory full of bad apples they would not be relevant any longer and would go out of business.  No, you keep picking apples; you keep letting your quality control team oversee them until you find the good apples to send out to represent what you stand for.  The unity that the GAC now wants to initiate is a great idea but are you truly unifying the MC/SC community by separating it with Unity events  that only allow sanctioned MC’s/SC’s can participate in?  Or is the GAC protecting just those who you have sanctioned along with some of those same bad apples that are not representing what the GAC stands for?  No disrespect, but it seems to me that the GAC is missing out on other newly formed clubs that are attempting to be sanctioned that have the MC community service at heart and are locked and loaded ready to represent what the GAC says they want, while those same “sanctioned” clubs that are clogging the set with 3 or 4 members or 10 members and 4 riders just want to walk around with a vest on that says MC.

MC Brand management Sorry for the tangent but there is one more question I must ask.  From the forums posted here I have read that some members ask why someone would want to start a new club when there are a lot of clubs on the set already that they can join.  Two words.  Brand management.  Even though there are a lot of clubs on the set, according the GAC accounting of them, there might not be one that is going in the direction that someone wants to travel in.  There are clubs that are too big and person might feel like they would be just another number, there could be clubs that do not have a good reputation, there could be clubs where all they do is keep up drama and mess.   If the MC’s on the set do not protect their brand and their image on the set, who in their right mind would want to join one of them?  I personally have affiliations with several clubs on the set, even though I am on good terms with all of them, personally after researching their directions some are just not my directions.  That is nothing against them as clubs or people it’s just not for me.   So, how can the GAC tell someone to go and join one of the clubs on set when the ones they only see on the set have horrible brand management?  This may be the reason why groups of people choose to form their own club with people, who represent their ideas, what they stand for, and how they want to be represented on the set.  If your brand has been tarnished you will not be successful in attracting a new generation of members that will continue to wear your club colors and represent what the club stands for and its principles.


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Feel free to attend a GAC meeting to ask ALL of your questions. We are not going to write a book about the GAC/GA bike community to every individual who questions the standards of the GA bike set. Let's not hide behind cyber space!! This site is for education, disseminating information, and networking/building comraderie. Thanks


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I would love nto attend a GAC meeting to discuss my concerns with this "unity" the Atlanta MC set is trying to accomplish. Please let me know when, where, and what time to attend. Actually I have learned some things from this forum not all good not all bad. I am looking forward to speaking with the GAC and trust me cyber hiding is something I will never do. Unity is about all not just the chosen few!

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