Welcome to the official website for The Georgia Council (GAC)

Welcome to The Georgia Council (GAC) Website!  Here you will find updated information as it pertains to the Georgia motorcycle community.  The purpose of The GAC is to promote and maintain good M/C relations, while providing a set of formal M/C rules that govern and protect the integrity of the entire Georgia motorcycle community.  The GAC rules are voted on by the M/C community presidents (or appointed club representative) of recognized motorcycle clubs in Georgia. All voting takes place during the quarterly president's meetings. The GAC Board Members only oversees the process and acts as a mediator/liaison to the community and between clubs when mediation is requested to assist in resolving conflicts.

The GAC is not a membership based organization. You ARE NOT joining The GAC, nor does the membership to this website indicate that you are a member of The GAC. The GAC ONLY consists of its Board Members. This GAC website is merely a social network site that also provides information, education, and updates as it relates to the Georgia Motorcycle Club community.