Template for Bike Count

 **After several requests, a club roster template for bike count has been posted for your convenience.  It is NOT mandatory that you use this template, however, ALL OF THE INFO LISTED IS REQUIRED!!

This is the info needed for your club's bike count! It is not acceptable to come to your bike count unprepared (PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP WITHOUT YOUR CLUB'S ROSTER) NO WRITING DOWN THE INFO ONCE YOU ARRIVE!!  THIS TEMPLATE may be COPIED and PASTED into MS WORD or EXCEL.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you!

 Club Roster

Name of M/C:______________________________

Location of M/C (City): _______________________

Club Start Date: ________________      

Club Anniversary Party Date (if Appl):  ______________________ 

Bike Count Date:_______________

Total Number of Members:____________

Number of Members not present/non-riders: ____________

Outcast Blessing Date:_______________


Member's Riding Name

 Position  (if appl)

ALL Mbrs Contact Number

Make/Model of Bike

Bike Description





















































































































Club's Authorized Signature: __________________________________________

Club's Email (if appl): ________________________________________________

Club's URL/Website: ________________________________________________

GAC Signature: ______________________________

GAC Signature: ______________________________

GAC Signature: ______________________________