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Board Members

jJ-Dawg (AABC)-, Chairman President, Revolutionary Riders, Atlanta, 404-822-5381

Oaks (ABA)-, Co-Chair President,  Kuttin Korners, Augusta, 706-955-3927

Big Co (AABC)-, President, Full Tilt Riders , Atlanta, 678-334-9726

Da Mayor (AABC)-, President, Da Mob , Atlanta, 678-207-8275

Spider-Man (MGBC)-, Midnight Riders, Cochran, 478-714-0952 

Chaos (AABC)-, President, Notorious South Biker Boys, Athens 706-255-0889

 Tee (SGMC/SC) - President ,Viper Unit, Albany- 256-591-1658

Ghost (CBC), President, Pharaoh Souls,Columbus, 706-464-4151

Soldier Boy (SEGA), President, Front Runnerz, Savannah, 864-906-4776 

 Secretary(GAC/AABC)-COFFY, President, Queens of Harley, 404-324-3183

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State Meetings

February 17, 2019- Columbus, GA

May 19, 2019- Albany, GA

August 18, 2019-Macon, GA

November 17, 2019- Augusta, GA