Georgia's Motorcycle Organizations

Local regions throughout the state has formed organizations to assist riders with an open forum to collaborate, organize and educate members in their particular region of Georgia.  For your convenience the organizations have been listed alphabetically as a database of reference.

Augusta Bikers Alliance - ABA

The Augusta Bikers Alliance was formed in 2009 to promote unity, integrity and education among the clubs in the city of Augusta, GA. Fourteen motorcycle clubs joined together to structure this Alliance with the determination of promoting
proper motorcycle club protocol and practice of safe motorcycle operations in the city of Augusta, GA. The ABA utilize and support the local motorcycle rights
organization ABATE (American Bikers Active Towards Education) to stay updated on the latest local State traffic laws and Bills passed by Congress for motorcyclist in the US. The successful establishment of the ABA brought on several combined Charities and the willingness for motorcycle clubs of Augusta to work with local businesses to support the community together. The ABA has earned the trust and confidence to operate as an Alliance in the city of Augusta
and the State of Georgia.


Hawk - Dominant Breed MC, Chair - 706-495-5575

Baby Boy - Tru Ikonz MC - Co-Chair - 706-495-3731

Columbus Biker Coalition - CBC

CBC has been formed to provide a union for local bikers in Columbus with a concentration on Safety, Charity, Community Service and Education.

CHAIR: K HILL, TRU RYDERZ, 706-905-8421


SGT-AT-ARMS: BIG 14 706-523-6757



The MGMC/SCC was formed in 2014 to create and build solid communication among the Motorcycle and Social clubs within the Middle Georgia area.  Our goal through communication is to promote unity and camaraderie among the clubs, education, Integrity on the Middle Georgia Motorcycle set, and advocate for motorcycle safety. 


Chair – FREE, Notorious Ones MC – 478-714-0172

Co-Chair – BIG MEECH, Black Sabbath MC – 478-335-9458

Archivist  -  RA-RA,  A.T.A.P. Ryderz MC



Southwest Georgia Motorcycle Clubs and Social Clubs

Southwest Georgia Motorcycle Clubs and Social Club (SGMC/SC) Coalition

Beginning in 2009, the Southwest Georgia Motorcycle Clubs and Social Clubs (SGMC/SC) coalition, was formed which allowed the motorcycle clubs and social clubs an opportunity to join together, as one, to help raise funds. The successful establishment of the SGMC/SC has brought on several combined Charities throughout the community.


This organization is formed from Clubs from Albany, Americas, Cordele, Fitzgerald, Douglas, and Valdosta, Georgia. The coalition has promoted camaraderie, advocating motorcycle safety and fostering the exchange of ideas and resources.


Facilitator - TEE – 256-591-1658

Secretary – SUNSHINE – 229-292-0163


Coalition Members:

1. Viper Unit MC - Albany

2. Another Level MC- Albany

3. Street Rsonist MC- Albany

4. Xtreme Ryders MC, Albany

5. Ruff Ryders MSC- Albany

6. Real Rydaz MC- Americus

7. Swaggabond MC- Americus

8. Black Dusters MC- Cordele

9. Street Phantoms MC- Dawson

10. Crush Ryders MC- Douglas

11. Lady Jokers SC- Douglas

12. Cream Divas SC- Fitzgerald

13. Southern Jewels SC- Fitzgerald

14. Southern Ikonz MC- Fitzgerald

15. Done Deal MC, Blakely

16. 2 Wheel Riders MC- Valdosta

17. Few Chosen Soldiers RC, Valdosta

Updated 08/20/14