GA. Council Articles


Article I                             Name and Authority                                                 

Article II                            Mission Statement 

Article III                           Goals and Objectives

Article IV                           Officers of the Alliance                                        

Article V                            Governing Authority                                      

Article VI                             Vacancy of Position                                   

Article VII                            Removal of Officers                                        

Article VIII                           Meetings

Article IX                             Membership

Article X                              Motorcycle Protocol Regulations         

Article XI                             Process for New Clubs

Article XII                            Process for New Chapters

Article XIII                           Non-Compliant Status

Appendix 1                         Georgia Council Rules




The name of this organization shall be The Georgia Council. They shall have the authority to operate in the State of Georgia with the consent of the active clubs.  Operation depends on the compliance with the requirements and conditions of this State.




To establish and maintain a spirit of camaraderie that will enhance the prestige and riding experience of all motorcycle riders, encourage on-going rider education and skills development, increase public awareness and reduce motorcycle mishaps. To operate and conduct itself in a manner that provides a fair and equal opportunity for all motorcyclists, regardless of motorcycle make, model or engine size.




The Georgia Council’s (GAC) objective is to maintain effective, working M/C relations, while providing a set of formal rules and regulations that govern the entire motorcycle community Within the State of Georgia. Information and all GAC updates may be found on the following website:



Chairman (Elected 2 Year Term) - Is the principal officer and is responsible for leading the Council and managing its activities in accordance with the policies and procedures of these bylaws. The Chairman shall preside over all regular meetings of the Council and shall appoint the chairs of all committees except as otherwise provided in these bylaws. The Chairman shall vote only when necessary to break a tie.

Vice Chairman (Elected 2 Year Term) - Shall preside at meetings in the absence of the Chairman, assist the Chairman in the management of the GAC, assess and report committee progress to the Chairman, and perform other duties that may be assigned by the Chairman.

Sergeant at Arms (Appointed 2 Year Term)- Shall be responsible for maintaining order, (according to Robert’s Rules of order or Chairman’s discretion), at all meetings and GAC functions. Sergeant at Arms will also ensure that meetings are conducted in an orderly and timely manner.

Secretary (Elected 2 Year Term)- Shall ensure that records are kept of all proceedings, actions, and meetings of the GAC and the officers, and ensure the votes and minutes thereof are recorded in a book or books to be kept for that purpose. The Secretary shall also be responsible for roll call of clubs during GAC meetings, checking the website and reporting on all correspondence to the Chairman.


ABA REP- Member is elected by the Augusta Bikers Alliance when elected Chairman of the organization this position becomes automatic for the GAC.


SEGA REP- Member is elected by the Southeast Georgia Alliance when elected Chairman of the organization this position becomes automatic for the GAC.


CBC- Member is elected by the Columbus Alliance when elected Chairman of the organization this position becomes automatic for the GAC.


ATHENS- Member is elected by the Athens Alliance when elected Chairman of the organization this position becomes automatic for the GAC.


MGBC- - Member is elected by the Middle Georgia Bikers Coalition when elected Chairman of the organization this position becomes automatic for the GAC.


SGMC/SC- Member is elected by the Southwest Georgia Motorcycle Clubs and Social Club Coalition when elected Chairman of the organization this position becomes automatic for the GAC.


MC Liaisons to the Georgia Council: The liaison will be appointed by the GAC if that area does not have a President board and a chairman that has been elected by that body. Georgia Council Liaisons shall be documented on record and be made known to the community. No liaison shall receive any personal gain from their position as Liaison to the GA Council.  No liaisons should force membership, affiliation, or support of any club and/ or organization onto another club. The liaison is responsible for the assurance of the MC’s 80/20 status as well as maintaining the GA Council Rules in their motorcycle community.



Bylaw - Shall analyze the appropriateness of the bylaws and assess problems and conflicts which arise between recommendations and/or practices of the Body and the bylaws of the Council. The committee shall recommend alterations or repeal of existing bylaws and propose new bylaws for consideration by the Body. The committee shall maintain an official text of the bylaws incorporating all changes as recommended by the Body (as does the Council secretary), and shall verify and correct all published text of the bylaws. These responsibilities shall include maintenance of style, rules and the authority to make minor grammatical or syntax changes which do not change the substance of the documents. The committee shall, as requested by the Chairman, or the Council, or on its own initiative, study problems concerning the Council bylaws; interpret bylaw questions; and draft possible amendments to the bylaws to implement solutions to problems.

Disciplinary - Shall hear evidence of all complaints against clubs of the GAC and rule on what discipline, if any, should be imposed. The committee shall be chaired by the Sergeant at Arms. Once a decision has been made on behalf of the Disciplinary Committee, the club has ten (10) days to appeal to the committee.




Section 1. The Georgia Council shall be governed by the constitution and bylaws as set out herein.

Section 2. The Presidents are primary governing body of the Council. The officers of the Council are responsible for the day to day operations of the Council.

Section 3. Effective Date: These bylaws shall be effective following the final vote of the Body, in accordance with Article IX.



Section 1. If any member of the GAC officers vacates their position for any reason, the  board will interview all nominees, facilitate a special meeting, and vote on a candidate to replace the vacant positions based on their qualifications.

Section 2. If any Committee Chairman for any reason vacates their position, the assistant of that position shall assume the duties of that position. If there is no assistant, the Chairman shall appoint a member to assume the position for the remainder of the term.

Section 3. Any officer resigning from his/her position must do so in writing and must submit the resignation to the board. At that point the executive board has 30 days to fill the vacated position.



Section 1. The board will give the officer in question a verbal or written warning concerning a violation of his duty. That officer will have thirty (30) days to respond to the warning with corrective action.

Section 2. If the officer fails to correct the violation, the board can remove the officer by a majority vote of the committee. The Sergeant at Arms shall be present at any meeting where removal of an officer is in question.




Section 1. The regular meetings shall be held quarter.

Section 2. The location of the meeting shall be determined by the Chairman and communicated via the Secretary.

Section 3. Clubs are encouraged to attend meeting because no minutes will be forward to clubs or areas.

Section 4. Your Club colors are required to be worn when attending the meeting.

Section 5. A majority, of the Presidents present for the regular meetings shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of GAC business.





1.  Any club seeking membership must be in compliance with the 80/20 rule. Effective March 1, 2010 all Motorcycle clubs in the State of Georgia must have a minimum of 80% active, riding members with operable motorcycles and no more than 20% non-riding members. All Motorcycle Clubs will meet at the designated location for a bike compliance count. There will be bike counts held every even numbered year Example 2014, 2016, 2018 etc….Every club will be notified of the  bike count date, it is MANDATORY all clubs are present at the specified location.

*All club Presidents and Vice Presidents must ride their bikes to and from the bike count*

New M/C’s (if allowed in the perspective area) must have at least five members to start. This means the first five members of each club must ride and have operable motorcycles (not 4 riding and 1 non-rider). (Must prove that the bike runs). Clubs formed prior to August 15, 2010 will not be subject to this rule. Any club that fails to meet the 80/20 criteria or fails to show up on the assigned date will not be sanctioned by the Georgia Council and will not be recognized as a “Motorcycle Club”.  Any club(s) in violation will be removed from the calendar of events and will be placed on the non-compliant list.  During this time, the non-compliant club will not be permitted to wear hard or soft colors (within or outside of the State of Georgia).  The non-compliant club must lay down their colors for the duration of this period. After the Count the Club will have 90 days to correct the non-compliance issue and will still lose their Annual date. (see details below).  Any club caught attempting to commit compliance fraud will be added to the non-compliant list permanently!

All Presidents and VPs must have an operable motorcycle. There will be no exceptions!

Article X


Any club that falls out of compliance (not enough members to be a club/under 5 members), will be given 90 days to increase membership. They do not automatically go on the non-compliant list. However, clubs that do not meet compliance within the 90 days will go on the non-compliant list and must reinstate within 12 months or they will not be permitted to reinstate. These clubs are subject to a random bike count.

Clubs that have been in existence for 15 or more years (in Georgia and within the area (city) for which you are claiming) are not subject to the GA Council bike count. These clubs have paved the way for our motorcycle community and are exempt! 

 Club Hopping:  Anyone leaving their current club seeking membership with a new club must wait six months from the time of discharge of the previous club before joining the new club of interest.  Exception:  If the former club president agrees to allow the member to join the club prior to the six months or if the entire club patches over[1] to another club, the six-month rule does not apply.  The club “patching over” will follow the bylaws/rules of the new club.  Any club that does not adhere to and violates this rule will not be sanctioned by the Georgia Council and will be penalized as non-compliant for 12-months.  These clubs must be removed from all anniversary/event calendars.  Presidents must communicate with each other to alleviate problems.

Exception: If both Presidents agree that the ex-member can join the new club he or she does not have to wait the 6 months. All colors and monies must be settled and the Presidents must contact the Georgia Council and make them aware of the decision made by the two clubs.

Blessings:  Once a club completes the process and receives their blessing, the said club may have a coming out party.  This coming out of soft colors party must adhere to the rules set forth by the Georgia Council.  The anniversary party for the new club will be one year from the date of the blessing.  All calendar dates must be approved by the Georgia Council.  A bike count must be conducted for all new clubs to go into soft colors, then again to go into hard colors.

Anniversary Events:  Clubs with the same anniversary dates (specific weekend of the month) must respect the senior “active” club‘s date.  There will be no more “40 mile rule” for anniversary dates. **Senior "active" clubs (meaning the MC with seniority and active within the MC community) will keep their anniversary date.  However, the two clubs may work it out and share the date. Any discrepancies should be handled between the two presidents.  Established clubs with clubhouses will take first priority according to the number of years in existence.

There will be no switching of dates for anniversary parties.  If an MC skips a year of having an anniversary party, your club will automatically forfeits that date and the date will become available for other clubs to select starting with the senior club that has a date on a Friday.

There will be no parties; on the anniversary of the governing body’s anniversary date. (3rd weekend of February).  Absolutely no exceptions! or within the area of the Hawkinsville  (3rd weekend of June) or Savannah chapters Anniversaries. (i.e. No Anniversary within the Middle Georgia area when Hawkinsville is having their Anniversary date. Columbus, Macon, Warner Robins, Dublin, Milledgeville, Forsyth, etc).

Areas: Athens, Columbus, Augusta Macon, Warner Robins, Savannah, Albany, Valdosta will check their area calendar so that clubs will not interfere with others clubs Anniversaries.

Coming out Events:

Coming-out events should be held at the end of the club’s first year (365 days).  New clubs should not gain revenue from the MC community in their first year (365 days).  This means “Coming Out/Meet-N-Greet? Events should be FREE (no admission fees) and all other functions are prohibited within the first year (365 days) as well unless the functions are FREE.  The club is allowed to generate revenue except for entrance fees such as selling food, beverage sales, etc. during the coming-out event. You are allowed to participate or sponsor charity rides only when all funds 100% goes to the charity.

Fish fries and car washes are not charity events unless it’s stated and the recipient is present to receive 100% profit.

Coming-Out Parties should be held on a Friday or Sunday, only. In the Atlanta area.  A club may NOT have another revenue generating (charging admission) event (i.e. anniversary party, etc...) within eight (8) months of the initial Coming-Out party. 

All other areas, the club must check with the area association and if one is not available they must check with the Georgia Council to keep a checks and balances policy in place.

*Newer clubs are required to locate an anniversary date on a Friday. If an established MC is having Meet-N-Greet on that Friday, the newest club may have their anniversary party on the same day as those Meet-N-Greet but may NOT have it on the same day as the senior club's anniversary. (Atlanta area only)

*ONLY Anniversary dates will be placed on The GAC calendar. Anniversary dates are added to the calendar upon written request, ONLY! Verbal requests are not accepted. All requests for calendar entries must be emailed to PLEASE DO NOT text anniversary date requests. The GAC calendar will supersede any other Georgia M/C community calendar so that confusion would be eliminated.

*Anniversary and Coming-Out party rules are by area, not by the entire state of Georgia; however, we are all family and should respect each other’s anniversary dates as we would want someone to respect our own.  

Bike Counts:

GA Council bike counts will be held every even numbered year. All MCs 6 years* and younger are expected to comply unless you fall under the following exceptions:

  • Recognized Motorsport clubs
  • Clubs in existence for 15 years or more

Note: 6 years are calculated as 365 days after approval of existence to coming out event and then 5 anniversaries thereafter.

Article XI

Process for New Clubs (Areas that are OPEN):

New clubs must come forward to the GA Council and get counted to make sure they meet MC club qualifications.

·       If the club will be located in other areas of the state, GAC Board will direct the new club to the local body (area presidents or alliance)

Prior to meeting with MC club's local body, club must present their name and logo for approval through the GA Council Board to prevent duplication of names and/or logo

Local body will vote and then inform GAC Board of their decision

New Club will be counted, then granted clearance to wear soft colors for a total of 12 months.

After club has completed their probationary period in soft colors, the newly formed MC will be scheduled for a bike count to go into hard colors

Upon passing bike count (80/20 compliant) a date will be arranged for blessing (most often, this happens at the same time as the bike count)

No clubs in soft colors should be allowed to hold events until they are in hard colors. Clubs in soft colors are encouraged to support the MC community, join safety/charity coalitions, and commit to community service. Clubs in soft colors are not eligible for trophy count, as hard colors are the true colors.

All new clubs will be assigned a Georgia Council Board member/an area liaison who will keep up with their involvement in the bike community.

Article XII

Process for Newly formed Chapters:

·       Must make their request known to the GA Council.

·       All Chapters will be reviewed to make sure that their club is a legitimate club and they mean well by coming to Georgia.

·       To make sure that their club has not been disband from Georgia.

·       To make sure they have the proper colors and that the name is not similar to the name of a club that already exists in the state of Georgia.

·       To make sure they have the right number of members to start a Chapter in the State of Georgia.

·       Must be in soft colors for one Year 12 months from the day they go before the area Alliance, Presidents, or Coalition.

·       Will not be allowed to have an event within the first 12 months (365 days) of receiving the ok to start a chapter in the State of Georgia.

·       Make sure they understand the rules of the Georgia Council i.e. anniversary dates and their National events.

·       Be sent to the area they wish to start to meet with that body for their approval and process they have in place.

·       Must be counted every year for the first six years to make sure they are in compliance.

·       Must not wear Hard Colors out of State must only wear soft colors.


Article XIII

Non-compliant Status: All clubs listed on the non-compliant list can file for reinstatement once they become compliant but have to do so within the 12 months of being added to the list. Example: Original count date was May 2010 reinstatement can be applied for in May 2011. These clubs will not be recognized as an M/C until they have been given full reinstatement. The following rules will apply for all non-compliant clubs:

These clubs will be removed from all M/C calendars which include but not limited to anniversary parties, color counts for trophies, fish fries, car washes, etc… for an entire calendar year beginning the date that the club comes off the list


Clubs going on the non-compliant list will forfeit their anniversary DATE and will have to find a new anniversary date, if and when they come off the list before 12 mos.

Clubs must come into compliance within that first year in order to come off the list. Clubs that do not come into compliance during that first year, will not be allowed to reinstate; therefore, they will not be permitted to function as that same club on the M/C set in Georgia

The President, officers, and members of that club will pay full price for all events they attend and are not allowed to attend any functions in hard or soft colors

Non-compliant clubs are not permitted to wear hard or soft colors within or outside of the state of Georgia

All compliant clubs are encouraged to enforce these rules to prevent penalties and actions brought against their club

It is the responsibility of each MC and/ or president to maintain a current list of “non-compliant” clubs and review this list prior to hosted events

Any club found to blatantly, disregard the rules or sanctions from the Georgia Council would be added to the Non-compliant List for the same duration and under the same rules.

Club Colors with no identifier:

Clubs with club colors that have no identifiers, identifying the type of club (i.e. MC, SC, etc) will automatically be considered and recognized as an MC and will fall under MC compliance rules set forth by The Georgia Council.


Georgia Recognized Motorsports Clubs:

The following are the only recognized motorsport clubs in Georgia: They are not allowed to receive trophies that have been identified as a motorcycle club trophy. They can receive trophies identified as an award for Organization or Club.

 #1 Stunnas

Ruff Ryders

Dirty South Slab Ryders

Social Clubs in Georgia:

Effective 10/30/11, all social clubs in Georgia must be sponsored by an M/C and out of respect to all Motorcycle Clubs they are not allowed to wear black or blue jean vest.

Social Clubs by-Laws will be posted on the GAC website. All area alliance or coalition will ensure all Social Clubs in their area are aware of the by-laws and have a copy given to them.



Recent addendums, changes, etc in GAC Rules have been voted on by the community body (Presidents/VPs) during the quarterly President’s Meetings. If your club is not represented, then you forfeit the opportunity to be heard and vote on community decisions. 50% of all clubs must be present for vote to carry.

The Georgia Council website is:, if there are technical difficulties with that address, use:

Appendix I:

Active Clubs: All clubs Must be active and represent themselves well within the state of Georgia.

Established Club:  Defined as a club in existence for five or more years in good standing with the states governing board. 

Hard Colors:  The clubs vest with club colors (i.e.; club patches)

Motorcycle Club (M/C):  A motorcycle club is a group of individuals whose primary interest and activities involve motorcycles and sanctioned by the governing bodies in which the individuals reside.

National Club:  Defined as a club having chapters in at least five different states to be recognized as a National Club.

National President:  President overseeing club affairs. Club must have at least five chapters in five different states to be recognized as a National President.

Patching Over:  When five or more members from a club leave collectively to join another club.  The newly acquired club may not require the members to go through the probation period and will grant colors upon joining.

Riding Club (R/C): Club formed with the like interest in riding. In some cases, riding clubs consist of cars of a similar style as with motorcycles, etc., depending on the state and sanctioning of the local governing bodies.

Sanctioned:  To give approval or authorization to carry out a particular action.

Soft Colors: Tee shirts and other clothing style apparel (not including vests) with clubs logo.

Social Club (S/C):  Club designed for social events amongst their members.

Sport Bike Club (SBC): Motorcycle Club consisting of sports bikes. Some states differentiate SBC vs. M/C. Check with the local state dominate 

[1]  See Appendix I

Distribution rights reserved by Georgia Council March 18th, 2010

These revised rules have been set forth on the meeting date of Sunday, JAN 16, 2012 and subject to change upon the approval of the Georgia Council.

Revised: 5/15

Please be advised that The GAC rules are subject to change without notice but rules are only amended/modified to meet the needs of the ENTIRE motorcycle community, not any individual club as the community presidents vote on modifications. Please check The GAC website for updates. Because the President's meetings are held on a quarterly basis, it is possible that you may not have the latest version of the GAC rules.