GAC Social Club Rules

 Guidelines for Social Clubs & Georgia Social Club Committee Rules

The following rules set forth on April 23, 2011 apply to all Social Clubs in the state of Georgia that are active in the motorcycle community.

Social Clubs that have been in existence less than 10 years are subject to all changes.  Social Clubs that have been in existence 10 years or more from April 23, 2011 are exempt and do not fall under these guidelines, they are considered “Grandfathered” in and are not subject to adhere to the Georgia Social Club guidelines. 

“Grandfathered” Social Clubs

1.      Ladies’ Imperial SC- Conyers, Ga.

2.      Lady Sevilles SC- Covington, Ga.

3.      Diamonettes SC- Griffin, Ga.

4.      Top Ten SC- Covington, Ga.

5.      Phoenix Rising SC- Atlanta, Ga.

6.      Slow Rollers SC- Covington GA.

All Social Clubs That Meet The Listed Criteria Must Adhere To The Following:

Social Clubs must adhere to the same rules that the M/Cs adhere to, but only including what is applicable to S/Cs. (see GAC Rules)

If your club was established and active before the freeze was put on S/Cs on April 23, 2011 you only need 5 members to function.

All functioning SC’s in the Georgia Region must turn in their club roster every 2 years in January effective 01/2015. With the following information:

Ø  Name of each member with their title

Ø  Contact info for all of the Officers only

Ø  Valid email address for the club

All Social Clubs must be sponsored by an M/C that is at least 3+ years old. All existing S/Cs must have a sponsor no later than 10/23/11.

·        If the Motorcycle Club falls on the Non-Compliant List, the Social Club may detach their S/C from that M/C and choose another M/C without penalty.  However, S/Cs must be mindful before selecting an M/C for sponsorship.  Please research and do your homework, because S/Cs will not be allowed to club hop…Unless the following shall occur:


·        If the S/C wants to drop the sponsoring M/C…The S/C can change to a new sponsoring M/C within the guidelines.

·        If the M/C wants to drop the sponsorship with the S/C…the S/C can change to a new sponsoring M/C within the guidelines.

·        If an S/C cannot find another sponsoring M/C within 60 days of being released (dropped) or releasing themselves, they automatically go on the Non-Compliant List and will remain there until they have new sponsor.

(*If any of this shall occur, the S/C and the M/C must contact the GSCC*)

***Attention: S/Cs are not permitted to have any events if they do not have a sponsor (between sponsorship)!  All “Coming Out” parties, Anniversary dates, fundraisers, charity events, etc…will be forfeited. This only applies to an S/C if they don’t have a sponsoring M/C. ***

Social Clubs must RESPECT Motorcycle Clubs “Coming Out” party and Anniversary dates! Social Clubs may have events on Any day except Saturday (Applies to the Metro Atlanta area only). Be thorough when reviewing the calendar and selecting your dates, do not select ANY DATES that an M/C has an Anniversary or Coming Out Party on…..S/Cs may select a Saturday only if it does not conflict with a local M/Cs date. Note: There will be NO parties in the State of Georgia during the week of the Dominant club’s Anniversary date. Which are held the 3rd weekend in February (Metro Atlanta and all surrounding cities) and the 3rd weekend in June (Hawkinsville, South and Middle GA areas).

Process for New Clubs (Contact GSCC for availability in your area)

- All new clubs must come and present themselves before the Georgia Social Club Committee (GSCC)

- Prior to scheduled Social Club meeting, the new club must present their name, logo, colors, roster and members (in attendance) to the GSCC for approval (in conjunction with the GAC board). This is done to prevent duplication or similarities in names and logos

- The GSCC will then direct the new club to the local S/C presidents/club reps that are in attendance at the quarterly meeting for a vote.

If the vote is favorable “ALL” new clubs must adhere to the following for a period of 1 year:

- Coordinate in t-shirts…no armbands or vest until after the club has completed the probation process

- They will not be eligible for trophy count

- They must first support and get familiar with the M/C and S/C community

- Absolutely no revenue is to be generated until after their first year of being active in the community

- They must have 10 members or more to be considered active after 4/23/2011

- S/Cs may have a “Coming Out” party after their first year, before having their official Anniversary party.

Social Clubs choosing not to adhere to the GSCC guidelines

Will not be recognized at any M/C or S/C “Coming Out” parties, Anniversaries parties or any other events that will occur in the M/C and S/C community within or outside the state of Georgia (surrounding states will be notified).  Also, they will automatically be placed on the Non-Compliant List (See GAC Rules)

Are not permitted to wear hard colors (vest) or soft colors (armbands and/or clothing identifying their club) within or outside the state of Georgia. (Surrounding states will be notified)

Will forfeit their “Coming Out” and Anniversary party dates and will have to find a new “Coming Out” and Anniversary party date, if and when they come off the non-compliance list

Non-Compliant Clubs

This only applies to the clubs that were a functioning SC before they were placed on the non-compliance list! Once your club is place on the non-compliance list, your club will have a chance to redeem itself.  When your club is released from being placed on the non-compliance list your club, will fall under the same status as a “New Club”…with a few exceptions:

  • Must have 10 members or more to be considered active
  • Coordinate in t-shirts…no vest or armband until after the club has completed their first year of being removed from the non-compliance list
  • Will not be eligible for trophy count
  • Absolutely no revenue is to be generated until after their year is complete
  • Will need to find a new “Coming Out/Anniversary Party” date

 If your club fails to do so, your club will not be reinstated and will not be permitted to function as a sanctioned SC in the state of Georgia.

-  1st offense for violating will result in being placed on the non-compliance list…until situation is resolved


-  2nd offense for violating will result in being placed on the non-compliance list for a period of  1 year


-  Any other offense after the 1st and 2nd offense for violating will result in being placed on the non-compliance list indefinitely

While on the non-compliance list clubs are not allowed to have parties, fish fries, car washes or anything that is generating funds.  Not even to raise money for charity. (Time only donations during this period) If this occurs or any other violations occur while the club is already on the non-compliance list, this will prolong your redemption status.

**If a club is on the non-compliance list and you attend their function with your armband, vest or wearing anything representing your club name and or logo…your club will be placed on the non-compliance list.  Also, if a club on the non-compliance list attends your function with an armband, vest or wearing anything representing their club name and or logo…your club will be placed on the non-compliance list.**

Support Clubs

If a group of ladies get together and claim to be a “Support Club” for a local M/C…then they are just those…supporters of that M/C.  “Support Club” or “Supporters Of” should be spelled out in full and it should have the name of the M/C they are supporting.  This is to differentiate the “Support Clubs” from “Social Clubs”. If a “Support Club” continues to abbreviate the spelling, then they will be considered a “Social Club” that is not compliant and placed on the non-compliant list.  “Support Clubs” should not go up for trophy count or attend quarterly meetings, because they are not in the same realm as a “Social Club”.  Also, MC’s that are “Grandfathered” (15 years and older) are allowed to have a Support Club.  But, it must first be approved by the GAC.

Dissolving of Clubs

The dissolving of clubs was put in place to make room for clubs that want to be active/involved within the M/C & S/C community. If a club has not been active within the M/C & S/C community for a period of 1 year or longer we will review your club for dissolvement.  (Please see GAC Social Club Corner for info/updates)

Armbands, Vest & Logos

Social Clubs vest may vary in color EXCEPT for BLACK or JEAN (denim) material (blue, black, white, etc.).  All vests must be changed by 10/23/2011.  Social Clubs are also allowed to wear t-shirts and armbands… (It is up to the discretion of the M/C or S/C hosting the event if they want to recognize vest or armbands). Social Clubs may not have Georgia (spelled out or claiming a Region) on their armbands or vest.  Social Clubs must have their city spelled out in full & state only (abbreviated)!  Social Clubs may not have the following on their armband or vest:

-  No three piece colors (top rocker, center patch, bottom rocker)! Your colors should be one patch or direct-to-garment (embroidery) only! As of 8/10/2014 to date

-  Motorcycles on logos and anything motorcycle related in name…such as steel, wheels, iron, riding, bike, Harley, hog, etc.

-  The state should be abbreviated (GA) on your armband and/or vest instead of the full spelling (Georgia)

Club Hopping

Anyone leaving or terminated from their current club and seeking membership with a new club, must wait a total of 180 days (6mos) after leaving their previous club before starting their “Socialite” period with the new club, and must have proof that all debts to old club are clear and property of old club is returned. Exception:  If the former President of that ex-member agrees to allow that ex-member to join the new club prior to 6 months or if an entire club patches over to another club…the 180 days rule does not apply.  The club that will be “patching over” will follow the bylaws/rules of the new club (unless the two parties agree to merge bylaws). Any club that does not adhere to and violates this rule will be placed on the non-compliance list. The club will be removed from all Anniversary/Event calendars.  Both Presidents must communicate with each other to alleviate grudges and future problems. 

Exception:  If both Presidents agree that the ex-member can join the new club…then the member does not have to wait 180 days. But, all colors and monies MUST be settled before that ex-member starts socialiting, probing or even becoming a ‘property” for another club. The Presidents must contact the Georgia Social Club Committee Representative for their region and make them aware of the decision made by the two clubs. Also, if a club has set forth allegation(s) against an ex-member to the new club and the previous club can’t produce documentation pertaining to the allegation(s) within a two week period…then it is rendered null and void.

M/C Sponsors

* There will only be one (1) M/C sponsor per one (1) Social Club. (A M/C MAY BE ALLOWED TO SPONSOR MORE THAN 1 S/C case by case scenario)

* Social Clubs DO NOT have to wear a supporter patch for the sponsoring M/C, unless the S/C agrees to it.  The M/C cannot force the S/C to wear their patch! (Freedom of choice)

* Sponsoring M/C must sign the M/C-S/C Sponsorship sign-up sheet and M/C-S/C Sponsorship Agreement form.

* When there are issues/concerns with the M/C and or S/C, both clubs will be addressed to see if the issues/concerns can be resolved.

* The M/Cs are there for sponsoring only!  M/Cs should be advising & educating the sponsored S/C on the M/C set protocols.  The M/C should not be running the S/C organization or making them go by their bylaws! The SC do not have to coordinate the same colors of sponsoring MC.(Personal Preference)


Social Club dates for “Coming Out” and Anniversary parties must be submitted through email.  Submit all dates to the GAC Secretary at . Please allow up to 7 days for a response or approval.

GSCC Member Rules

     In order to be on the “Georgia Social Club Committee” your S/C must be 1+ years old and be active/known in their region


     You must be able to communicate cohesively and effectively amongst the other GSCC members and local clubs


     Your club must be in compliance and uphold the rules with the GAC and GSCC


     You must be able to attend quarterly meetings


     You must be assertive and able to approach clubs that are in violation


     You must be willing to travel


     You must be good with conflict resolution and try to refrain from conflict if all possible

Note:  The GSCC Board Members or representatives shall not receive any personal gain because of their position.  GSCC Board Members or representatives shall not and will not force any membership, affiliation or support of any club and or organization upon another club!

If Social Clubs have any questions or concerns they must contact the “GSCC” representative for their Region.  If, you cannot contact the representative from your Region or if the representative does not fulfill your questions or concerns, then you may contact the Georgia Council.

There will only be one (1) representative per Region (depending on size of region) except for the Metro Atlanta area, they will have more than one (1).

 If you have any concerns, issues, questions or if you are interested in being a representative for your Region, please submit S/C name and contact info to .

Georgia Social Club Committee Representatives

Metro Atlanta area:

Representative: Silky- Sgt-At-Arms of Klassy Kreationz S/C (Ellenwood, Ga.)

(404) 936-9002… Email: or

Representative: Guney Black- Founder of B.G.G.G. S/C (Atlanta, Ga.)

(678) 499-4882…Email:

Columbus GA area:

East GA area:

Representative: Black China- President of S.W.A.T. S/C (Augusta, Ga.)

(706) 799-0591…Email:

South GA area:

GSCC Secretary & South GA Representative: Honey- President of PeachState Divas S/C (Douglas, Ga.)

(912) 389-2891…Email:

Hinesville/Savannah are:

Representative:  L Boogie 912-312-7258





 Revised 01/2015